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Technical characteristics :

  • Single blade edger suitable for longitudinal cut;
  • Heavy duty bench made of welded steel;
  • Blade diameter up to 600 mm;
  • Max. cutting height 150 mm;
  • All main cutting operations (power assisted control up to 50 m/min, automatic back drive 80m/min), punch control, boards transfer and stop and pressure rollers positioning are controlled by 2 Joystick with power assisted speed adjustment push-button (Pull the joystick to increase speed).
  • During the back run the retractable blade goes under the bench for a faster work cycle (production increase up to 30%);
  • Cable-carrier chain with wear-resistant cables (top class components);
  • 5 loading and 5 unloading chains controlled by two levers; 
  • Pneumatic punch for a faster board alignment on the cutting line;
  • Overall width 2000 mm (stop 2600);
  • Overall length 8900 mm;
  • Cutting work clearance 5200 mm (6200-4200 mm also available);
  • Work height 1400 mm;
  • Total height 2500 mm;
  • Blade holder truck sliding on guides for blade back run;
  • Guide rails made of hardened steel fixed on the milled bench;
  • Slide on ball bearings lubricated guides (long lasting life time). It is adjustable to allow the automatic stop for shorter boards;
  • Standard blade motor 25 HP_18.5 kW, lever  control (Motor power available: 20 HP_15 kW or 30HP_22 kW in this case dimensions change);
  • End stop adjustable by means of a joystick. Power assisted adjustment up to 30m/min;
  • Cutting net clearance 5200 mm (6200 and 4200 also available);
  • Pneumatic pressure rollers for board clamping;
  • Bridge structure made of reinforced tubular material;
  • Installation on hardened steel guide rails sliding on ball bearings guides.


Optional for mobile end stop :


  • End stop positioner;
  • Numerical keyboard with quick select for frequent memories;
  • Distance between end stop and blade display.

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Technical features :

  • Linck brand;
  • Min. cutting length 1 m.;
  • Max. cutting length 6 m.;
  • Max. cutting height mm
  • Min. cutting width 24 mm;
  • Max. cutting width 350 mm;
  • Sawblade diameter 530 mm;
  • Feed speed 50/150 m/min;
  • Weight 8500 kg.

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